What is Koko?

Koko is a crazy, quirky dating app with a design that is a real treat for the eyes. Without taking all this "big love soulmate" business too seriously, it helps you connect with and meet crazy, thrilling like-minded people on a similar life journey to yours. Koko, therefore, offers you several functionalities:

  • You like another user, and they like you: You get a Crush and can start an immediate conversation.
  • The Realshot feature shows you the #nofilter version.
  • Search for user characteristics and or hashtags.
  • The highly entertaining personality quiz helps you discover your best and worst matches.
  • Lots, lots more!

What happened to was the first version of Koko, only available in German. The app is now called Koko, it is available in many languages and looks way better!

Is Koko really free?

Yes! You can download, sign up and use Koko at absolutely no cost. If you would like additional functions such as standing out from the crowd by being on the TopList, you can purchase them at extra costs.

Which smartphones does Koko run on?

Koko runs on iPhones with iOS 8 and higher (iPhone 5 and iPod-Touch 5. generation and higher) and on Android devices with Android version 4.1 (JellyBean) and higher.

Can I use Koko on my tablet?

There is currently no app available for tablets, but you can use the Koko smartphone app on your iPad.

Can I use Koko on my computer/laptop?

No, so far there is no desktop version of Koko.

From which age can I use Koko?

You have to be at least 18 years old to use Koko.

In which languages can I use Koko?

You can use Koko in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese and Filipino. We are working hard on more languages, so please stay tuned.


What is forbidden on Koko?

No threats or insults:

Koko has a strict policy against blatant insults or defamation. We especially do not condone racist, molesting, pornographic, or violent behaviour and will take strict action against any violation.


Koko welcomes everyone, from all walks of life, regardless of background and sexual identity, preference and orientation. If at any time during the use of Koko you feel mistreated, insulted or threatened, please report the offending user(s) directly and immediately, and they will be dealt with accordingly.

No illegal behavior:

Unquestionably, everything that violates prevailing laws is strictly forbidden e.g. protection of the youth, copyrights, data protection, animal welfare, etc. Violations of the law are taken very seriously, and users who disregard these laws will have their profiles deleted, and a complaint will be filed with the police.

No advertisement:

Sending spam and other means of advertising is strictly forbidden. Users who do so will be blocked and should expect legal action against them.

Multiple profiles:

Each user is only allowed one profile. Multiple profiles will be blocked immediately.

No fake profile:

Providing false and incorrect information on your profile, as well as the use of fake photos is strictly forbidden. Photos that are clearly taken from other sources and do not display the real user will be deleted and the profile blocked. If you suspect a fake profile, please report this profile to us immediately.

Why did I receive a warning (yellow card), get blocked for seven days, or why was my profile deleted?

You received either of these warnings because you violated Koko's rules. With this action, you should have received an email with further information about your violation. Rules are not always meant to be broken, and if everyone played fair and followed the rules, it would be a lot more fun.


How can I manage and cancel my subscriptions (Koko+)?

Depending on your device, subscriptions can either be managed through iTunes/AppStore for iPhone users or through Google Play Store for Android users.

Do I need to renew my subscriptions (Koko+)?

No, Koko+ is a subscription, meaning that it renews automatically. If you would like to cancel your subscription, you can do so through the App Store for iPhone users or the Google Play Store for Android users.

Where can I see the duration of my current subscription?

You can see this in the App Store and in your Google Play Store account section.

What is Koko+?

Koko+ gives you unlimited messages and allows you to see who voted for you. You get to enjoy the app with no advertisements at any time, and you can see other users' quiz answers even if you haven't answered it yourself. Cool, right?!

What is the Toplist?

The Toplist is a place where you are more visible to other users. This means more users will be able to write to you and vote for you. You can easily buy yourself a spot on the Toplist.


Why is my date of birth not accepted?

Koko is for users aged 18 and up.

Can I change my date of birth?

You cannot change your date of birth in the app, but if you have made an error during the signup process, please email support`at` to have it changed.

Can I change my username?

Yes, if you click on your username in your profile, you will be able to change it.

Can someone else use the same username as I am?

Yes, the same username can be used by several users.

I've forgotten my password, what can I do?

Below the password field there is the "forgot password?" button. Clicking on it will prompt you to enter the email address with which you signed up. From there you will receive a link where you can reset your password. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive the email.

I wanted to verify my email address but didn't receive an email. What can I do?

Under settings, you will find "validate your email." Clicking on it sends you an email to verify your address. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive the email.

What does the gender 'non-binary' mean?

These genders refer to those users who do not label themselves as male/female, but rather remain gender-neutral. This means that they avoid distinguishing roles according to people's gender or sex, to prevent discrimination. A non-binary person identifies with neither, both, or a combination of today's social roles commonly known as male and female genders.


What does “in approval” mean?

Every photo uploaded to Koko is controlled to make sure that it does not violate our photo guidelines. Our team works on photos 24/7, but sometimes it could take a little longer. When that happens: KEEP CALM & keep on flirting.

Which photos can I upload?

Koko is all about fun and real human-ness. Just like in an actual conversation, it's important to see the person you are talking to (and not your cute tabby cat or crisp new car). We, therefore, have the following rules:

This is what we want:

  • Your photo has to have one visible person - YOU!
  • A group photo has to clearly indicate who YOU are.
  • All photos need to be G-Rated

… and this is what we do NOT want:

  • Extremely edited or falsified photos, or alienated faces.
  • X-Rated photos of sexual and or pornographic acts.
  • Photos without you in them (landscapes, cars, animals, comics, or those with no benefit to other users)
  • Photos of celebrities or other public figures that you do not have the right to publish.
  • Photos with children under the age of 18.
  • Photos of/with weapons, illegal substances, insults/insulting gestures.
  • Photos of contact details (email address, phone number, etc.) or advertising (Links, etc.)
  • Photos showing illegal/criminal acts.

How many photos can I upload?

You can upload up to 21 photos, which should be more than enough. We recommend that you upload at least 3 photos of yourself.


How can I delete my profile?

Go to settings and click on 'ByeBye.' Here you can delete or deactivate your profile. It would be a real shame to see you go, though.

What's the difference between 'Delete profile' and 'Deactivate profile'?

If you choose to delete your profile, your entire profile, as well as all the photos and messages will be eliminated forever. By deactivating your profile, you keep your profile information, photos, and messages, but other users will no longer be able to see your profile. Next time you log in, your profile will be public again.

I've filled out my entire profile, but it shows that I haven't completed it yet. What do I need to do to have my profile 100% completed?

To complete your profile you need at least 3 approved photos; need to have answered more than 6 categories of the quiz; need 4 or more hashtags (you can find them under 'ABOUT') and all open questions should be answered. Besides, an empty profile is rather dull, don't you think?

Why is there an exclamation mark below my username?

The exclamation mark is a not-so-subtle reminder that your profile is incomplete. We recommend a profile completion of at least 30%, which will make you appear a lot more appealing to other users.

What do the hashtags (#) mean?

You might already be familiar with the hashtags used on Twitter and Instagram? These have the same purpose. With hashtags, you can tell other users more about your likes and interests. For example, if you love brownies, write #brownies on your profile, which will show other users your love for brownies (and hashtags). Also, clicking on any hashtag will redirect you to another screen which shows you all Koko users who used that particular hashtag. #hashtagbuddiesforthewin

Where can I delete my photos?

Go to your photo gallery. On iOS, swipe the photo you'd like to delete from right to left, and a 'delete' button will appear. On Android, click on the 3 dots in the top right corner and choose "Delete picture".


Why does Koko have a quiz? Is this a game show?

Ha! No, this is not a game show, but you do have the possibility of winning a prize in the form of a dream date if you fill out the quiz! It is a fun way to help you get to know other users quickly and to reveal more about yourself and your personality, likes, preferences, etc.

What are the personalities for?

Each category (e.g. ‘Food’) has four different personalities (e.g. ‘Gourmet’). Depending on your answers, you're given the “personality” that suits you best. This way, instead of reading all the answers provided by other users, you get a quick impression of what they like and are into.

Why does it not show a personality on my profile?

You will only be given a personality after answering all 20 questions.

What's the match percentage?

The match percentage is what you see on the profile of another user. It tells you the similarity between your answers and those of that user. There is one percentage per category, and one for all categories together. A high percentage means that your answers are very similar, whereas a low percentage means that your answers are rather different.

We have the same personality, but do not match 100% - how is that possible?

Having the same personality does not necessarily mean that you've answered all the questions the same. For this reason, you have the same personality, but do not match 100%.

Why is there no match percentage in some categories?

To calculate the match percentage, every user needs to answer at least one question.

How can I delete the answers in my quiz?

When you are in one of the quiz categories, click on "My answers." For iOS users: swipe an answer from right to left, and the delete button will appear. For Android users: long click on an answer and a trash icon will appear.


Is it possible to send videos, voice messages or other files in the messages?

So far you are only able to send photos. We hope to offer you more options in the future, so please stay tuned.

Can I report/block another user?

Yes, you can. Click on the exclamation mark for iOS users, or the three-dots icon for Android users on the top right of the user’s profile you would like to report/block. Here, you can decide whether you'd like to report or block that user.

  • Report user: Is this user behaving in a suspicious manner? Does this user spam you with advertising? Do you think it is a fake profile? Please report this type of user behavior to our support team who will take care of the issue.
  • Block user: Is this user annoying and/or presumptuous? Blocking a user stops any contact with this user, meaning you are no longer able to write to each other, nor can you vote for each other or find each other’s profiles.

Caution: If a user behaves in a strange or suspicious manner and/or threatens you, it is in the best interest of both of you to report this user. Our support team will take care of the issue and delete the user’s profile, if and where necessary.

Can I unblock a blocked user?

Yes. In your settings, you will find the ‘blacklist’ which shows you all the users you've blocked. You can unblock them here as well, but be careful! Unblocking a user means that this user will be able to see your profile again and write you messages.

How can I write messages for free?

If you have a Crush with another user, all messages are free. If you really like another user and want to initiate a conversation without first having a Crush with them, you have one free chat per day. Nice huh? Please see the next question regarding new conversations.

Why can't I start a new conversation?

You can start 1 new chat for free per day, with users you don't Crush with. This prevents spamming each other. To get more new chats, you can upgrade to Koko+ and write unlimited messages.


I did a search, why do I not see results?

It is very likely that there are no users based on your filter settings (distance, age, hashtag, etc.) Try changing your filters and you will have a more likely chance of encountering results.

Why can I not search around my location?

It might be that you have not given Koko permission to use your location. Go to your phone’s settings and allow the app access to your GPS.

What happens when I search for a (specific) username/hashtag?

Searching for ‘brownie’ will find all the users who have ‘brownie’ either as their username, or #brownie as one of their hashtags.


Why should I vote for another user?

Voting for another user shows your interest in that user. When you both vote for each other, you have a Crush and can start a free conversation.

How can I see who voted for me?

You can currently only see your last vote. Sign up to Koko+ to see ALL the users that voted for you, by clicking on 'See who voted for you'.

What do the voting symbols mean?

There are three voting symbols: a sun, a flame, and a heart. The way it works: The longer you hold down the vote button, the more interested you are in that user. For example, holding down the vote button just a few seconds will show slight interest (sun symbol), a few seconds longer indicates a bit more interest (flame symbol), and holding it down all the way until end signifies your undivided interest (heart symbol). Happy voting!


How can I apply for a date?

You can do so by clicking on a date in the “New” tab. On “Apply and leave a comment” you will see a screen which asks you to insert a quick, friendly message for the other user, and that’s it! You’ve applied!

How do I know if I've been selected for a date I've applied for?

If you get chosen, and you’ve allowed Koko to send you push notifications, you will receive a notification. Otherwise, in the app, you’ll notice the GetReal module has four tabs. The second tab shows your confirmed dates, while the third show you all the dates you have applied for but weren’t chosen for yet.

Who can see that I've applied for a date?

Only the person who created the date can see your application.

I've applied to a date, but I no longer have the time. How do I cancel my application?

Once you've applied for a date, you can no longer cancel it, but don't worry. You can either send the person a direct message to let them know, or once you get selected you can message them and politely ask for a raincheck.

If I select a location and time for my date, is that info not public, meaning everyone will know where I am and when?

Don't worry your pretty little head. The other users will only be able to see a rough idea of the date's location, and only those selected for the date will be sent the exact location.

When can I select a user as my date?

If at least one user has applied to your date, you can select your choice at any time before the date begins.

I published an event, but I no longer have the time for it. How do I delete this event?

If you haven't selected a user for your date yet, you can quickly delete the event. Go to the GetReal page, click on the "Created" tab, click on the date you'd like to delete, scroll down and click on the "Delete event" button.

I've already selected a user for my date, but I have to cancel. How do I delete my event?

Once you've selected a user for your date, you're no longer able to delete your event. But don't worry, you'll be able to chat with each other at no cost so you can relay your apologies via a message.

I can't apply to more dates. Why is that?

As a freemium user, you can only apply for a certain amount of dates per week. But don't panic! You can either upgrade to Koko+ for unlimited applications or wait until the beginning of the following week to refill your actions.

I can't create any more dates. Why is that?

As a freemium user, you can only create a certain amount of dates per week. But don't panic! You can either upgrade to Koko+ and get 5 dates to create per week, or wait until the beginning of the following week to refill your actions.

My date photo was rejected. Why is that?

The image should depict your date (like a restaurant, drinks, a park, etc.,) and not be a photo of you. Please note that you’re not allowed to upload X-rated photos of sexual and or pornographic acts; photos of celebrities or public figures that you don’t have rights to; photos with children under 18; photos of/with weapons, illegal substances, insults/insulting gestures; photos of contact details (email address, phone number, etc.); advertising (links, etc.); or photos showing illegal/criminal acts. If you don't think your photo violates any of these rules, please contact support at

My date was deleted. What happened?

Koko has a strict policy against blatant insults or defamation. We especially do not condone racist, molesting, pornographic, or violent content and will take strict action against any violation. This also applies to showing financial interest in created dates or date applications. In any of these cases we will eliminate your date and or your entire account.

I find the content of a date inappropriate, and I don't think it should be public. What can I do?

All dates can be reported via the three dot icon in the top right corner. Our support team will review your report and check whether the content violates our policies. If it does, action will be taken accordingly.


Why do I no longer receive notifications (e.g. when I get new messages)?

Notifications can be turned on or off in your ‘Settings’ or ‘Alerts’. If you still do not receive notifications, go to your phone’s settings and allow Koko permission to send you notifications.


Subscription Service Conditions

Koko is free to download and use. There is an optional subscription available called Koko+. This package includes additional features which increase the success of meeting people.

Koko+ costs 18,99 USD / 19,99 EUR / 16,49 GBP, for 1 month; 7,49 USD / 7,99 EUR / 6,99 GBP for 1 week; and 74,99 USD / 76,99 EUR / 67,99 GBP for 6 months (Prices may vary slightly depending on location and currency).
  • Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
  • The subscription renews automatically unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
  • Your account will be charged for renewal within the 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
  • You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by accessing your account settings after your purchase.
  • You cannot cancel your current subscription during the active subscription period.
  • All personal data is handled under the terms and conditions of Koko's privacy policy. Please find more details here:

General Security Advice

  • Keep your password safe and do not give it to anyone else.
  • Be careful with your private data. Your real name, address, phone number (and your Facebook profile, in some instances) should not readily be shared with anyone.
  • Be skeptical if someone on Koko tries to convince you to visit another page/app, or asks you for money.
  • Report users with vulgar or suspicious behavior. Together we can make Koko a safer and better place.